Friday, August 1, 2014

Three Days A Week...

After two Total Knee Replacements, Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia, this place has become a part of my life.  Three days a week, for one hour each day, this is a ritual for me.  Water Arobics (I use that description loosely.) helps without causing pain.

The Wellness Center

This is where we change, shower,
and talk!  I have met so many new friends and it has become a social event for me.  The hour goes by so quickly if you are talking with a friend.
Many folks use a noodle, I choose one of these flotation belts.

This is my bag for all my stuff.

I have never stepped on this device !  It is available.
This was a rare morning when no one was in the water.


There are two pools.  The one on the right is reserved for Physical Therapy.  The left is where we exercise and talk.

Showering, dressing, and talking...

The comfort of the warm water, along with being able to move for an hour without pain is great.  Having friends to talk with is another benefit.

Welcome to a part of my world you didn't know about...

          Thanks for coming by.....

photos with iPhone