Sunday, May 29, 2016


Lots of Grandparents are blessed with a "Matthew".

We are, and he will be sixteen years old May 30th.  Matthew is our youngest grandchild.

He has always seen the world in a unique way finding fun everywhere.  Deciding
what to do at MiMi's house when he was a tiny boy,  he shrugged his little shoulders and
said, "well, we could always do some crafts".

He has always been one to teach himself things.  I remember Origami.  There was nothing
he could not make.  I bought lots of those beautiful papers.  He ended up teaching a class at school.

Then there was the RUBIX CUBE.  He has dozens of them and can work all of them.

Matthew's latest interest is making knives.  Who knows what inspired that.  He has already mailed mine and I love it.
I think he does beautiful work.

Some of his first work

Handiwork is exquisite.
This is mine.  I plan to use it on a cheese tray.
                                          ( I have another one that I cannot find in my cluttered
                                                mess of photos on my computer)

                                  Matthew has always enjoyed sports with soccer being his favorite.
                                  He is also a Super-Techie who is always so patient with his MiMi
                                  when she doesn't even know how to ask questions.

                                 You would like Matthew!  He is "fun" to be
                      with.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Therapy Garden (Part 2)

I love Lavender!
Still thinking if I'm going to re pot or not?
The white dianthus came back from a pot my
Daughter-in-law gave me last year.
I made a topiary from thyme that is in bloom along side
some violas hanging around.

Lenten Rose
is still blooming...

Thanks for coming by, I enjoyed our visit so much! Your comments are always welcome.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Therapy Garden

Hey everybody,

It's been a long time.  I've missed you.  Maybe I will do better.  I just couldn't keep from sharing
one of the best things in my life right now.  I have made lots of pictures too.  It is my   
favorite time of the year so we are going to take a very short stroll in my therapy garden.

My peonies are glorious right now.  I wish you were here.  Every time I catch their fragrance
it just takes me away.  Only God could create such beauty.  I'm going to show you several
different kinds.  
Cotton Candy

Just a touch of pink.....

I left this pot with 2 amaryllis bulbs inside on our patio  
all winter.  The only time they had bloomed was one
Christmas.  Da Da!
There are four blooms today and more buds!

The sun is coming down.  I think
I'll take a break.  Let's call this part one. Thanks again for coming by.  Your comments are always welcome.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Prayer To Begin This Day

Lord, as I begin this day, open not only my eyes but my mind and my heart as well. Help me find joy in every experience, every conversation, every mundane task, every chance encounter. Help me see the rich pattern that forms from the ordinary events of my life. Save me from so hastening through life that I am blind to its beauty, so focused on myself that I miss its priceless joy, its endless wonder.
Lord give me grace to see your goodness active in simple things–a quiet cup of coffee shared with a friend, a meal enjoyed with colleagues, full of laughter and optimism, the healing touch of beautiful music, the bliss of becoming lost in a good book, the smile on the face of a child, the grateful eyes of one I’ve been praying for.
Father save me from lost opportunities and wasted time. Remind me that my days are rich in pleasing moments, that the large problems which disturb my sleep mostly turn out to be little ones after all, and that for all its turmoil and sorrow, it is still a world of beauty, and that I am of all people most richly blessed. For your Son Jesus’ sake. Amen
(Steve DeGweck, St. Luke's Episcopal Church)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Such a Beautiful Night

                     Hello......Is anybody there?  I'm still here.

                    We are all settled in for a long winter night.  

             This was earlier this evening.  It's still coming down.  

                         We have approx. seven inches so far.

It really is so beautiful and is only supposed to last a couple of days.

I went to the grocery store yesterday and these beautiful spring flowers had my name on them!  I would encourage all of you to treat yourself.  It really lifted my spirit during these winter days.

Monday, December 8, 2014

One Of Our Favorite Traditions

Since my sister and I live in the same town, one of the things we enjoy doing every year is getting together one day before the holidays and making our wreaths for our front doors.  My SH gathers from several sources so we have a wonderful variety of greenery.  Our daughter has a magnolia tree that we "prune" every year.  As always, we forgot to make pictures as we work, so I only have photos of my wreath(and hers is so much prettier).  Enjoy!

This is One of Those "Lord Have Mercy" Posts""

I read a post recently  titled  something like " a blogger that really shouldn't be a blogger" too!  Lord Have Mercy!

Have you ever worn clothes that weren't dry?  Tell the truth.  to church?  me too, yesterday.  It all started Thanksgiving.  I had this new  sweater that is my favorite color, dark chocolate, real pretty with black.  I wore some new black slacks that I love to  a Thanksgiving celebration and was planing to wear my  gorgeous sweater too.  I walked right out of the house without it.  I grieved (to my granddaughters) all day. 

O.K, second chance, at church yesterday.  I had just put a load of darks in the laundry...well, you know the rest.
This was at 9:00 a.m.!  A word about these pants, they are the closet thing this older lady will ever get to leggings (did I say that).  So comfortable!  I don't buy many clothes anymore and when I find something I enjoy, I wear it out.  The pants are wet, Sunday School starts at 9:45, I am going to wear them....and I did.  I get very hot at church normally.  Today I didn't.  I worried that they would stretch. They didn't.  I worried that someone might touch me.  They didn't,

Why I did it ?  I don't know.  Come hell or high water, I knew I was going to. 

Happy Holidays!