Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I was soooo hot!

All of us have issues we deal with in different ways.......I get soooo
hot I cannot stand it!  It is so frustrating to put on makeup and have it slide off my face before I get out of the house.  It is worse in the summertime but in the winter as well.  Ok, a little background so you will understand this funny little story:

I had a Drs. appointment recently.  As I waited to see the Doctor, I was sweating profusely (mostly on my scalp).  I went in the ladies room to get some paper towels for my face.  Nothing but a blower and some toilet tissue to be found.  There was one roll that had only  a small amount left.  Dear Lord forgive me, I helped myself to that roll, blotted my face with the tissue several times, and tucked the rest in my purse.  I needed it!

I was so hot!  The appointment went well.  As I glanced in the car mirror as I was leaving, this is what I saw:

Just too funny not to share.....I can only imagine what the Doctor wrote on my chart!  Have mercy!