Thursday, May 15, 2014

Estate Sale Finds

Nothing fancy, just wanted to show you these wonderful plates I found recently at an estate sale.

       Five perfect plates.....Just right...since I only tablescape for 
             I've made several shots of these plates.  I'm having 
                                             trouble with the lighting.

                        The little red hen (that's not red) loves my
                         dining table.  She has the ability to blend 
                         in so she's staying for a while.  She also 
                                   came from an estate sale.

                            I looked through my linen stash and found these
                   crossed-stitched ones with the same colors as the
                   plates.  Napkin rings are thrift store finds.  More

Estate sales are my new favorite place to shop.  Treasures are there.
                     You need some time, more than shopping
                      garage sales.  A second trip might be in
                      order.  Sometimes on Sunday, after the sale
                      on Friday and Saturday, everything is 
                                       Happy shopping!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throw-back Thursday

Many years ago, I wrote for a family magazine about the experiences of being a grandmother.  This article  was from 1993.

                               All Dressed Up For Easter

Spring time and Easter are very special times of the year for me.
I can smell the wonderful fragrance of hyacinths and as my neighbor says, "It takes me back!"  Some of my favorite memories are of dyeing eggs (that was always so exciting), family egg hunts, and new clothes!

I always had everything new to wear to church Easter sunday.  My mother was an expert seamstress.  It has taken me many years to fully appreciate how special the Easter dresses she made for me were.  I always wished I had a "ready made" one.

When our children were growing up, new clothes were very important on Easter. I always thought, contrary to popular opinion, that boys could be dressed just as cute as girls.  With my first born, Steven, he proved my point.  I remember a pale yellow Eton suit, white shirt with peter pan collar, white knee socks, and white shoes.    He looked precious!

Then along came Rob...Those same kinds of clothes just did not work!  For some reason they just did not stay on his body.  I remember one Easter sunday in particular.  He was probably five and looked so cute when he went in his Sunday School class.  As he in to the sanctuary looking for us before church, this is what I remember seeing:  His necktie was tied around his head...indian style.  His shirttail was out.  And his white slacks had a hole in the knee.  He was totally unaware of my distress!

This is the same child who, several years later, had the congregation complaining to  the ushers that something...possibly insulation... was falling from the ceiling.  To my dismay, Rob was discovered on the front row of the balcony, picking fuzz off his sweater and tossing it over the rail!

Aren't we glad our children are different?

It is always a joy to watch them become "real people".  


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All Things Bright and Beautiful

My peonies are a wonderful gift this year!


                                    Don't the pink ones just sing wedding?

The hot pink one is cuddled up to an iris that makes an instant bouquet.      

              This is a unique one.  After the petals fall, it is still pretty        with a dark pink center.

All things bright and beautiful, and the Lord made them all.

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Saturday, May 3, 2014

My New White Picket Fence

When I heard that the "fence" people were coming the next day, I walked out to my garden and snapped a few pics.  Who knows what will survive.

My carolina jasmine is just starting to bloom.

To help you understand what my garden consists of, we live in a town home very close to the Tennessee River.   Our back yard consists of a path and parking for two cars.  Yes, we have a garage but that is for "the lady", my golf cart that I use for fishing.  Our fence is approximately twenty-five years old.  So it was time.

This is a knock-out rose that we pruned last fall.  The "fence man" said we should "cut this waay back".

This is the third year for my peonies.  Up until this year, they have had a few blooms but this year they are loaded with buds.

I wonder if my "endless summer" hydrangea will survive the "fence man's" big feet.

           My lenten roses always announce Spring is coming.

Armadi clematis is starting to bloom.  It's fragrance is wonderful.

I wasn't sure any of my garden would survive.  Everyone told me that there was "nothing I could do".  I knew I had to try.  I need you to visualize this:  red crepe paper streamers tied around every "plant that I have to save".  Sorry, I'm never good at taking "before" pics.

I know this post is getting long but I have to show you.....Just the pics, not much talking.

The fence men did great!  They did it all by hand instead of using their auger.  (big drill-looking machine)  I stayed out there with them.  I know they loved that.  The red crepe paper didn't hurt either.

This vine called "Jackson vine" came with us when we moved from Jackson street.  I hope it makes it.

                                                          Other side of drive...

Is that a shirt I see hanging on the lamp post?
Lord, have mercy!

Lime tree on the right

Fig tree

Thanks for coming by.  I hope you enjoyed my garden path.

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