Thursday, May 15, 2014

Estate Sale Finds

Nothing fancy, just wanted to show you these wonderful plates I found recently at an estate sale.

       Five perfect plates.....Just right...since I only tablescape for 
             I've made several shots of these plates.  I'm having 
                                             trouble with the lighting.

                        The little red hen (that's not red) loves my
                         dining table.  She has the ability to blend 
                         in so she's staying for a while.  She also 
                                   came from an estate sale.

                            I looked through my linen stash and found these
                   crossed-stitched ones with the same colors as the
                   plates.  Napkin rings are thrift store finds.  More

Estate sales are my new favorite place to shop.  Treasures are there.
                     You need some time, more than shopping
                      garage sales.  A second trip might be in
                      order.  Sometimes on Sunday, after the sale
                      on Friday and Saturday, everything is 
                                       Happy shopping!

                                      Come by and visit: