Thursday, December 12, 2013

A "do nothing" day...

This morning I made the comment to my SH that I would love to have a day to do "Nothing"!  He responded that I should do that today, "NOTHING"!  Really?

(Not that I needed permission)

did plan to make the bed, some laundry, dress (meaning remove my pj's, put on some jeans), brush my hair (and teeth)  Maybe I won't even open the front door?
did have plans to empty my closet completely, try everything on, discard, re-organize, put outfits together, etc.  Yep, that was one thing I had planned to do today.  We'll see how this goes...


Well, what in the world made me think that re-organizing my closet would be a part of my "do nothing" day?  All I can tell you is that I did, in fact, redo my closet.  It nearly killed me!  I could barely walk the next day.

I'm going to re-schedule my "do nothing" day after the holidays.