Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Just Had a Sick Feeling....

Recently I made a quick stop at an Estate Auction in the neighborhood,  I knew the lady who had owned the property.  She had a Bed 'n Breakfast for years.

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It was almost over when I got there.  They were down to the "box lots"  At this point I must tell you that I have no knowledge of whether family had already gotten what they wanted.  Or maybe they didn't want anything???

OK, back to the "box lots".  They sold boxes of "handwork" for two & three dollars!  Boxes of "smalls" for three dollars!  I had a sick feeling as I stood there watching.  Twenty old dolls for five dollars!.  
I saw rows of furniture that had already sold.  I shutter to think how little it sold for.
I saw a beautiful, old, crocheted bedspread go for $30.00!  It was sad.
I know you are wondering what I purchased?  Nothing!  (Does a hot-dog count?}  I guess I am amazed at the value (or lack of) placed on beautiful, old things. 
There is a great difference {in my part of the country) between an "Estate Sale" and an "Estate Auction".  Estate Sales are more interesting.   Everything is already priced.  Most of the time someone can tell you a story about a particular item.  The prices are higher but that's ok.  Usually on the last day everything is Half-Price!  
I was not in the mood to buy anything.  

I just had a sick feeling in my stomach.