Monday, May 20, 2013

Dark Roots and Red Ends

Each birthday, as I get older, I re-evaluate, i.e: take stock, resolve to make some changes.

On my last birthday,  I decided this was the year to do something about my graying hair. Well, as anyone who knows me can tell you, the first few attempts were total disasters! Very expensive disasters. As I was trying to convince myself that dark roots and
red ends made me look younger, my insightful granddaughter informed me she thought "it was
morally wrong to dye your hair". Finally I said "no more, I'm not doing this anymore!" Then my sister suggested a "mousse". (Dear God in heaven) I thought this was a dessert! "No", she said, "just a temporary color to use around your face where you have more gray."
O.K., I'll try anything once. I did, and it was working great doctor's office called---they had an appointment available if I could be there in thirty minutes. First, I don't do well rushing anymore, in fact, I refuse to do it. But I did need the appointment. When I sat down in the waiting room, I was sweating so I went to the restroom in the waiting area to get some paper towels to wipe my face. As I looked in the mirror I saw black lines running down my face.
My white, linen top had black smudges on it. Good grief! No one had considered how much my scalp sweats, not perspires, SWEATS!
The only mousse I use now is Chocolate-----the dessert kind.

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I agree with Katie, I think it is morally wrong to color your hair.