Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Blog!


In my other life, I was  Due to things I could not control, I had to change my name (blog).  

This is a "test" post about nothing. 

 I do not understand why my beautiful forest keeps moving around?  I am very anxious about my old blog friends being able to find me.  I think, as sad as it is, I have lost most of my writing from the last three (?) years.  Can blogger connect what is left from bcpmylife with Message from MiMi.  I don't knoooow!  Why do I keep getting a pink message telling me "an error has occurred while trying to save or publish my post.  Please try again."  

I'm just going to walk in my garden.....come with me.

The joy of Pink Peonies!

Black Mission Figs (grown in a pot)

My neighbors rose (this is what I see from my fence).  I am blessed!

These elegant Iris' are so beautiful.  They don't last long but some things are just for the moment.

I really believe the Hydrangea is my favorite.  They are very easy to root.  Just break off some new growth and stick in the soil!

This fragrant vine is Confederate Jasmine.  It takes me to the beach every time!

Ok..... lets see how this is going to work.
All help is welcome.