Monday, May 20, 2013


my67 008 Maintenance.…..hmmmmm, “continuing repair work”. The art of maintaining…..

Wow! No one told me it would be this hard!  I am forever looking for easier, simple, makeup tricks. How do I keep foundation on my face while sweating like I am running a marathon? How do I apply mascara and eye-liner with my glasses on? Where do I not put concealer?
As we age, I think all of us, still want to look nice without all the trendy products that we see in the national magazines. I have come to the conclusion that the secret is to find a few great make-up artists/companies, (Bobbie Brown is my favorite) use them, then, let it be!  Learn to be comfortable in your own “skin”. Be happy. It will show.
I have learned that I must keep my hair short. To do otherwise adds years in weeks!
I have also realized that I can look in the mirror easier if I color my gray.

feel really good in beige and black clothes. Notice I said I feel really good, not look really good. I have to really talk to myself to wear bright colors although I enjoy red and purple.

Jewelry is hard. Something classic and silver is usually good. Mostly earrings, never a bracelet. I also love antique brooches and old rhinestone earrings.

My preference in purses goes in cycles. It must always be a shoulder bag and I am attracted to expensive leather! For years I carried a very organized, small handbag.
I have never been one to change purses to match the clothes. I usually change with the seasons. For the past couple of years I have migrated toward larger, hobo type bags which is like looking in a deep, dark hole to find my keys. My cell phone always stops ringing before I find it! Oh well…….
Socks…..I love them. Loud, gaudy ones. My sister(who thinks everything must “match”) almost faints sometime when I cross my legs and my socks reveal themselves.

Shoes……I used to love them. I still love them on other people. There is nothing as good looking as high heels. I bought my last pair about 4 years ago. I saw them at T.J. Max and bought them without blinking an eye! They are snakeskin, 3 ½ inch
good looking shoes. I call them my “sex in the city” shoes. I haven’t dared wear them in at least two years. Just can’t do that anymore.

“It is what it is” and I’m gradually becoming "content in my own skin".
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