Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Good Laugh

On the eve of a recent birthday, I am laughing at myself!

After a weekend with five grandchildren, I think my son thought I needed to be pampered a bit, so, thoughtful person that he is, he called and said my birthday present this year was four hours at the most luxurious, expensive day spa in our town. I've never even been there.
He said there would be a massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, and some more things that I don’t

even know what they are talking about! I have never had any of this done to me. Everyone tells me it will be wonderful, and I'm sure it will. It's just that blasted massage that has me so stressed! I needed to talk with my good friend, Margaret. She is the "massage queen". I had lunch with her today. Earlier this morning I called the spa to hear exactly what was involved and how long the massage lasted? 30 MINTUES!
Now on to the questions for Margaret. “How much do I have to take off? WHAT? I’m not sure I can do that”. She said, “don’t worry, the lights are really low and they cover you with a sheet”. I wonder if they could do this in the dark? She said they worked on different parts of your body and only uncovered that part! Well, I’m telling you I have large parts and I don’t think 30 minutes will do it! Hmm............... I wonder if I could get my hair cut instead.