Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Prayer To Begin This Day

Lord, as I begin this day, open not only my eyes but my mind and my heart as well. Help me find joy in every experience, every conversation, every mundane task, every chance encounter. Help me see the rich pattern that forms from the ordinary events of my life. Save me from so hastening through life that I am blind to its beauty, so focused on myself that I miss its priceless joy, its endless wonder.
Lord give me grace to see your goodness active in simple things–a quiet cup of coffee shared with a friend, a meal enjoyed with colleagues, full of laughter and optimism, the healing touch of beautiful music, the bliss of becoming lost in a good book, the smile on the face of a child, the grateful eyes of one I’ve been praying for.
Father save me from lost opportunities and wasted time. Remind me that my days are rich in pleasing moments, that the large problems which disturb my sleep mostly turn out to be little ones after all, and that for all its turmoil and sorrow, it is still a world of beauty, and that I am of all people most richly blessed. For your Son Jesus’ sake. Amen
(Steve DeGweck, St. Luke's Episcopal Church)