Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Very Best Cornbread!

A tutorial for “the best cornbread” ever!

These are your ingredients: 

New Years Day Food 014
First, I cannot imagine making cornbread in anything other than an iron skillet.  (Just sayin) Preheat 
oven to 425.  At this time put skillet (with 1 T. oil) in oven.
1 cup of self-rising cornmeal  (Martha White or White Lily)
1 cup buttermilk….must use buttermilk! 
1 egg
2T canola oil

Mix with spoon...

New Years Day Food 015

Pour into hot skillet. Bake @425 until brown.

New Years Day Food 019

I always flip the pone over when done  Slice and serve straight from the skillet.  All you need now is some real butter!

New Years Day Food 021
Sooo good!