Monday, March 10, 2014

A String of Pearls

String of pearls 003

I knew I was going to be home all day today so I decided to put on something comfortable.  An old faded soft top and some pants that had bleach splatters on them.  While brushing my teeth, my eyes wandered over to my jewels (I use that description lightly.)  Yep, I think that is exactly what I need today! 

HOME 022

As my mother used to say, “when you get as old as I am, you can do anything you want”.
String of pearls 004

I wore pearls around my neck and on my ears!  All day long!
String of pearls 002When my sister came by this afternoon her comment was,  "well, where are you going?"

It was a good day!  Maybe I’ll wear rhinestones tomorrow.