Friday, February 7, 2014

My Wonderful Grandchildren!

My Wonderful Grandchildren

We have six!  A short time ago they were babies.  Now the oldest two are almost 23!  Our youngest is 13!
Being a Grandparent is a wonderful journey.  That very short time when they were babies was 
delightful.  I'm quite sure their parents (our children) were just as precious but the thing is...I don't
remember the details like I do with grandchildren.

"Staying in touch" is hard as they get older.  For me, FaceBook is a good thing.  I wish I were better 
at texting.  It takes me a long time, but I do try it.  That is the sure-fire way to hear from them.  I have
tried "chat" a few times but I always feel as if I am interrupting.  Just sayin'.....

Heart-warmers:  Any type of note (mine are always computer generated) from grandchildren.  I "save"
them so I can read them more than one time.  Did I just say that?  Makes me sound so "needy".


                       "Grandparenting is good medicine"

Cody Parker Mitchell

                                                                 Nora Katherine Phillips

Carol Anne Phillips

Carmen McGuire Phillips

Joshua Miles Parker

                                                             Matthew Campbell Parker

                                             These pics are not "recent".   Sorry, kids.....