Monday, October 14, 2013

The Main Dish

                                  In Memory of our sweet mother, Nora Belle Campbell
                                                                   1917 - 2013

Holidays are near….lots of family coming!  My mind has taken flight already so I try and do lots of cooking before the big day. Mixin & Making Dr 002 Mixin & Making Dr 001

Mother’s dressing is the main dish… so this morning, my sister came over with four pones of cornbread and I had baked more…we had already cooked a “fat fresh hen,” had about six quarts of rich broth, and had chopped a gallon of celery and onions!  I pulled out the huge dishpan(Mothers) that we always use to mix all this dressing.

tMixin & Making Dr 006

Mixin & Making Dr 003

Mixin & Making Dr 004

This year is going to be easy.  We are doing the turkey and dressing and the kids are bringing the sides!  Thank you, Lord!
We made four 13x9 casseroles of dressing!  Bake it Thanksgiving morning and take my word for it!  No one will ever know you had frozen it.(2 of these are my sisters, just so you know.)  Another handy item that freezes well, see the two gallon bags of Taco soup?  So good!

 Again, the more I do in advance, the more I can enjoy my family.

Mixin & Making Dr 007

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