Saturday, September 7, 2013

No Siree......No Pressure Washers Allowed on this Property!

I read all the recipes…from Martha Stewart on down. Mix dirt with buttermilk, paint yogurt on concrete, etc. I tried them all and had a pretty good crop of green moss growing on my clay and concrete pots. I had worked extra hard on an old stone bench we have moved every time we moved for forty years. It was looking good. This is not a quick process. It had taken a couple of years to get that pretty green mold to grow.

Autumn 2009 012

Now comes the interesting part; our neighbor loaned SH a pressure washer for THE WHOLE DAY! Oh Lord!
I came home after a busy day of running errands and I see my SH (sweet husband) out front with this “thing”! He was so proud. Our beautiful old stone bench looked like it had just been purchased at Wal-Mart. All my pots looked brand new.
He really didn’t understand why I was so upset. He thought they looked so much better.
Soooo, I started over. It’s coming along. NO PRESSURE WASHERS allowed here

!Autumn 2009 013 

Autumn 2009 011
I really had it going on!

Autumn 2009 015