Saturday, September 7, 2013

A train-wreck that seemed to go on and on…..

Misc.Fall 2009 017 For those of you who are blessed as I am to have a cleaning lady, you know what I’m talking about when I describe the feeling just after she leaves…the house smells so clean, everything is dusted, the bathrooms clean….Ah, I think I’ll have me a large glass of sweet tea. Oh, I forgot to mention, I had just put a loaf of apple bread in the oven. I have my nest made with all my stuff on the table beside my chair. Phone, remote, fan, address book, a small basket with pens, scissors, stamps, nail file. Life is good…until the phones rings. I spill that large glass of tea. It goes everywhere including in the remote, Misc.Fall 2009 018 the phone base, the rug and carpet. Remember, it was a full glass of tea, sweet tea, sticky tea! Dear God in heaven, what a mess! I proceeded to wipe, blot, swipe . This episode did help me decide it was time to have carpets cleaned.
By now it was time to take the apple bread from the oven. It smelled sooo good! It was a large loaf and was browned to perfection. I got my pot holders out and carefully lifted that wonderful ,fragrant bread from the oven.  Before I knew what had happened, I had dropped the whole loaf of bread to the floor (my floor that my cleaning lady had just cleaned). Misc.Fall 2009 004 Because it was so moist and hot, and because the floor is ceramic tile, it just went everywhere! Misc.Fall 2009 010  I give up! I went to bed! SH said that he “dipped” him some bread before retiring.

(First published on my earlier blog, life)