Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Good Day

I had recently asked for a fishing lesson from Cody, our sweet grandson, This was a test, I think, on my part. We have always enjoyed each other's company and I kinda held my breath this year to see if the "invite" would be accepted.
This young man has become someone I have to look up to physically as he smiles that crooked grin with that curly hair falling down in his face. He usually calls me "Meems" instead of "MiMi."
I guess you can tell I'm in love!.
Next day the phone rings, "Meems, are you going fishing today? Will you pick me up before you go to the bait shop? I need to go too". Yes! After a lesson at the bait shop, we are ready.

Off we go, with our food, his fancy gear, my zebco, live worms, two tackle boxes, all loaded on
"The Lady". (my golf cart)
He shows me what kind of artificial bait might be good, the right hooks, and how to rig it all up.
I know nothing about bass fishing.
I just know I may need another lesson with Cody.