Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bream are on the bed

Our beautiful Carol Anne!

You think he is having fun?

Great fish, Carol Anne

Carmen won the state record in her age group with this one!

Katie scores!

On this day, Krista & Matthew had rather watch.

Our Katie is into this!

Rob enjoying a quiet moment on the river.

Our wedding date forty+ years ago was determined by when the bream were on the bed"! My SH has always enjoyed fishing and has instilled that love in me, our children and grandchildren.

Amerryllis-fishing-trail animals 015
For those of you who don't understand this........bream are small game fish which usually come to shallow water to lay their eggs around the first full moon in May. Dogwoods are in full bloom.
You can smell it when bream are bedding. They usually "bed" at about the same place every year. They love redworms and crickets. They are real fighters and will make you think you are catching a huge fish. That's the reason they are a "fun" fish for children to catch.
In 1997, we sold our fishing boat when we moved to a townhome. We didn't give much thought to fishing for a year or two. We walked on the trails near our home and from time to time would see people fishing. Hmmmmmm. We discovered we could ride our bikes and carry fishing gear too. Well, a new world was opened! We fished, travelling with our bikes, for a few years. Well, all that changed in 2008. My SH (sweet husband) broke his kneecap one week before I had Total Knee Replacement. You should have seen us! We had an interesting Summer.
Amerryllis-fishing-trail animals 020

Enter, THE LADY. A golf cart that allows us to carry all fishing tackle, snacks, radio, cell phone(for emergencies only) and get to all our "bream beds".                                                                !cid_492
My two fishing buddies, Josh & Matthew

Matthew had rather play with a big stick.

Cody is a great fisherman.
cody 003
He also has a nice bass boat.

Wow!  Sorry, I got carried away with my pictures.
Have I convinced you that we LOVE fishing?

Our son, Steve,  fishing for bonefish

Marian has a good one

Our sweet Carmen!

We love fishing! All kinds of fishing! We have even fished for salmon in Alaska (another story).

Rob & Josh fishing a bayou in New Orleans.


Rob fishing the backwaters of the beautiful Tenn. river.
My mother took a spin or two on "The Lady".
Sweet boys!
This is our daughter, Nancy.  She is also Cody's mom.
She's not into fishing yet.

Yes, we do love fishing!