Sunday, May 29, 2016


Lots of Grandparents are blessed with a "Matthew".

We are, and he will be sixteen years old May 30th.  Matthew is our youngest grandchild.

He has always seen the world in a unique way finding fun everywhere.  Deciding
what to do at MiMi's house when he was a tiny boy,  he shrugged his little shoulders and
said, "well, we could always do some crafts".

He has always been one to teach himself things.  I remember Origami.  There was nothing
he could not make.  I bought lots of those beautiful papers.  He ended up teaching a class at school.

Then there was the RUBIX CUBE.  He has dozens of them and can work all of them.

Matthew's latest interest is making knives.  Who knows what inspired that.  He has already mailed mine and I love it.
I think he does beautiful work.

Some of his first work

Handiwork is exquisite.
This is mine.  I plan to use it on a cheese tray.
                                          ( I have another one that I cannot find in my cluttered
                                                mess of photos on my computer)

                                  Matthew has always enjoyed sports with soccer being his favorite.
                                  He is also a Super-Techie who is always so patient with his MiMi
                                  when she doesn't even know how to ask questions.

                                 You would like Matthew!  He is "fun" to be
                      with.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!