Monday, December 8, 2014

This is One of Those "Lord Have Mercy" Posts""

I read a post recently  titled  something like " a blogger that really shouldn't be a blogger" too!  Lord Have Mercy!

Have you ever worn clothes that weren't dry?  Tell the truth.  to church?  me too, yesterday.  It all started Thanksgiving.  I had this new  sweater that is my favorite color, dark chocolate, real pretty with black.  I wore some new black slacks that I love to  a Thanksgiving celebration and was planing to wear my  gorgeous sweater too.  I walked right out of the house without it.  I grieved (to my granddaughters) all day. 

O.K, second chance, at church yesterday.  I had just put a load of darks in the laundry...well, you know the rest.
This was at 9:00 a.m.!  A word about these pants, they are the closet thing this older lady will ever get to leggings (did I say that).  So comfortable!  I don't buy many clothes anymore and when I find something I enjoy, I wear it out.  The pants are wet, Sunday School starts at 9:45, I am going to wear them....and I did.  I get very hot at church normally.  Today I didn't.  I worried that they would stretch. They didn't.  I worried that someone might touch me.  They didn't,

Why I did it ?  I don't know.  Come hell or high water, I knew I was going to. 

Happy Holidays!