Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Thrift Store Finds!

These were just too good!

The pretty gold plate is Bordallo Pinheiro (made in Portugal)

Blue bowls are unmarked (only found 2) they have a dragon on them.
Does anyone know more?

The heavy blue plate has Chinese markings ?

The white plate is part of a set of ironstone and I love them(see below)

Dear God in heaven, I surely didn't intend to buy more dishes but who could resist these!

Seven perfect dinner plates

One creamer, four elegant cups and saucers

Not a chip or flaw!

Four soup bowls, salad plates, and small bowls, etc.  I should have counted pieces...

And last but not least, this incredable teapot!  Again, not a chip!
There is a top too.  This is a bad photo!  Sorry,  the real thing doesn't have the poured  look.

OK, people......want to guess how much I paid for the set?

Don't you just love it!
(I guess I could get a storage unit)

First published  bcp My Life 10-26-12