Saturday, September 6, 2014

There Once Was A Nightgown

Many years ago there was a wonderful nightgown.  A fine, linen gown...Oh, how I loved that nightgown!


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I wore it and wore it.  For many years, I wore it.  I washed it over and over again.  It got softer and softer.
Oh, how I loved that nightgown!

Then there came a time when I could not wear it again.   It was as thin as tissue, and it had holes in it!
What to do?....I couldn't throw it away.  Mmmm....there was a fairly large area where there were
no holes.  I wonder.....?  Well, I have nothing to lose.
I found a soft, downy pillow insert...
I went through mother's old buttons.  I found five that were alike.  Beautiful, old, mother of pearl




A beautiful, soft, pillow sham.....The ultimate in luxury. 

How's that for recycling!