Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bittersweet Mothers Day

Mother and me


My sister, Sue (she is the baby) and me. My Mother made these dresses. Aren’t we precious!


My Mother was celebrating her 92nd Birthday here.   She was a beautiful lady and a wonderful mother.   She has been gone one year.   I miss her so much.

A New "Big Bird"

Remember all those sweet little bird photos I took during the snow?  Well, I made these from the same window today.  Wow!

Chicken Hawk 004

I had my camera lens poked thru the blinds.  I was so afraid he would fly before I could focus.  I think he was looking for my “sweet little birds”.

Chicken Hawk 002

I guess I was in shock!  We have bird feeders that my mother always enjoyed watching ( our sweet, little birds) from this same window.

Chicken Hawk 004

Chicken Hawk 002

Stan(my sweet husband) says this is a “chicken hawk”.  His prey is chickens, small animals, and “sweet, little birds”.

Chicken Hawk 002

Oh, dear…

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Angels and Empty Pots

We had about two hours of glorious sunshine today!  Angels and empty pots everywhere!  I wonder….could these angels fill these empty pots???
This sweet thing is actually a little lamp.  See her wick on her halo? 

Surely she can handle these two pots?

March 2010 Angels & empty pots 032

                                                            Praying always helps!

March 2010 Angels & empty pots 018

March 2010 Angels & empty pots 027

I think this precious thing has allergies. See him rubbing his eyes?

March 2010 Angels & empty pots 016

                     I believe in  angels….so we’ll see.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Very Best Cornbread!

A tutorial for “the best cornbread” ever!

These are your ingredients: 

New Years Day Food 014
First, I cannot imagine making cornbread in anything other than an iron skillet.  (Just sayin) Preheat 
oven to 425.  At this time put skillet (with 1 T. oil) in oven.
1 cup of self-rising cornmeal  (Martha White or White Lily)
1 cup buttermilk….must use buttermilk! 
1 egg
2T canola oil

Mix with spoon...

New Years Day Food 015

Pour into hot skillet. Bake @425 until brown.

New Years Day Food 019

I always flip the pone over when done  Slice and serve straight from the skillet.  All you need now is some real butter!

New Years Day Food 021
Sooo good!