Sunday, March 2, 2014

It is time.....

We have lived in our home for 15+ years.  It has been that long since we have painted inside.  Lord have mercy....Anyway, we (I) decided it was time.  A process, indeed..... I went to Decatur Decorating. (They sell my favorite paint, Benjamin Moore).   It didn't take long for me to find my favorite paint chips.  (more about that later)  They gave me three professional painters names and phone #'s.  Sooo begins the process.  It took several days to get in touch with these painters.  They are usually  at the top of a ladder.  Dates were determined for each of them to come and give estimates.  And so they did...It was hard and interesting.  All were very nice folks.  Estimates varied, of course.  So much furniture to move, yep, that has to be part of the deal.  I trusted my gut, I didn't go with the lowest estimate.  The one I chose was a family deal, two sons and a father, with another painter too.  I really had a good feeling about the quiet, polite, son who came to give the estimate and when he said they might get to it this next week, that sealed the deal.  It turned out that it would be two weeks before they came.  That worked just fine.  We had time to empty china cabinets, and remove "precious" things.
Of course, we hand-washed everything before it went back in the cabinet.
This was all on part of kitchen counter.  We covered it gently.

All of this came from over the kitchen cabinets.  Dust, dust, everywhere!

We washed and washed.  What I need is more "stuff"!
                  Seriously,  I love my stuff.  Several items are my mothers',      
my mil's, things I brought back from Europe, and on and on.

All clean and piled around, stuffed in closets.  I hope I don't forget where I put all this.

I may change this up a bit when I put it back.   I won't have a clue where it goes.
My sweet sister always here to help me.
See the smears of paint on the wall?  Do you like it?

I'm just going to show you a few shots of the clutter.  Keep in mind, this is just a couple of rooms.  It is ugly.

This had to be emptied...

I thought I would set several do-dads on top of the stove.  It is hardly used.


We thought they would probably need to paint behind the refrigerator, washer, and dryer.  Dear God In Heaven!
I almost fainted.  My SH may never get up. 
Well, the painters are here!  What's that bedroom lamp doing in the dining room?
They are such good painters!

I'm sitting here with my phone waiting to dial 911!

I'll keep you posted.....