Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Impressions

What a wonderful Saturday morning!  As Fall approaches I think we all start thinking of our homes and ways to create a warm and welcome First Impression.

My sister and I decided this would be the perfect day for our Fall project.  Simple wreaths for our front doors.
Now we begin...

We gathered fresh grapevines to add to old wreaths.
We both brought things we might use.

If you have read other posts' of mine you might remember what I think about faux flowers.  O ! (usually)  Exceptions are outdoor arrangements and indoors if they are so expensive
I can't afford them!  Blooms that you have to touch to see if they are real.

O.K., here we go..... We poked and pulled and had so much fun.
It is a blessing to have a sister close enough to do things with.

Isn't this beautiful!
Sue did this one.  She wanted a smaller wreath because her door is smaller.  We used some beautiful cabbage roses and dried hydrangeas.  Wonderful!

Now doesn't that create a great First Impression?