Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Times Of Our Lives...

Oh, my goodness....What an emotional ride!
I'm trying to determine where to start writing. We have had fun times, sad times, and all in between, within the last two weeks. It all started with the unexpected death of Stan's sister, Katherine. She was such a dear sister-in-law and we will miss her.

Next, we travelled to Birmingham to spend a few days with our three granddaughters. That was so much fun! A word for grandparents who are dealing with the constantness of young children, they get easier! Our girls are 13, 16, almost 18. They really are so trust-worthy and just about take care of themselves. We played the game, "catch phrase" which I would highly recommend for families.
This visit was cut short when we received a call that our daughter-in-law's mother had died. We knew she was very sick but were caught off-guard by it happening as soon as it did. She lived with our son and his family. We left Birmingham (in a blizzard) headed to Louisana, inappropriate clothes and all. We needed to be there. A painful time for our family, especially our two grandsons(eight and eleven), was made bearable by concerned family and friends.

One funny story, our eleven year old, Josh, went with us to pick up some groceries. We had asked the lady in the bakery to suggest a dessert. She did and we bought it. As we were in line to check out, I told Josh if the dessert wasn't "great" we were coming back to the grocery store and tell the bakery lady. With a mortified look on his face, he said "no, MiMi! This is Louisana! We don't complain, we just eat and be happy". I love that!

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