Saturday, June 8, 2013

Katie's Birthday Week-end

Our oldest granddaughter has just celebrated her eighteenth birthday. This past week-end marked the seventh year she has brought a group of her friends to our house. We love it! Sometimes they stay one night and sometimes two. This year we had six high school seniors! Some things we have learned from this experience:

1. It is all about food. They might not touch a thing that they ate last year. Our Katie is a vegetarian so we are very in tune with that. Their granddaddy's main focus is to have every snack they have ever loved (mostly sweets). On our bar before they arrived was a cake stand with iced brownies, another cake stand of rice crispy treats, and another with banana nut muffins! I commented that our luck would be that they had all given up sweets for Lent! That was not the case but Katie did inform me she was on the "Daniel Fast". Even after a detailed explanation, I still don't understand. They all like Paninis but you better ask what they want on them because they will know if you put swiss instead of provolene cheese.

2. Relax.....even when they drive themselves up from Birmingham....even when you have beds for all of them and they choose to all sleep in the same room. Did I say, sleep?
They went to sleep at 5:30 a.m. (they said) I went to bed at my usual 9:00 p.m. When they told me they watched the movie, Nemo, that warmed my heart.

3. Never doubt that you are making memories. They talk every year about everything they have done other years. We have tie-died tees, gotten facials, pedicures/manicures, gone to movies/plays, always eat out at least one meal, and do a lot of "just hanging out".

This year we went to a play at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville. The play was "Spelling Bee". I had Katie look at the reviews to make sure she thought it would pass. She thought it looked "hilarious". So off we go. I could not understand anything they said. I did not understand their jokes. I laughed when the girls laughed! They loved it! (and that's all that mattered).

It's been a great ride.....and next year she'll be at college. Life goes on.

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