Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Need A Yard Man!

I walk down my tiny, garden path several times each day, dead-heading, pulling weeds, filling holes that those pesky chipmunks keep digging. As I get older, just as personal maintenance requires more effort, so does doing what I enjoy most, gardening. You would laugh if you could see (I’ll show you later) how little of a lawn and garden I’m talking about. The thing is, I need a yard man who will dig where I tell him to dig, plant what I want planted, and clean up after himself. He cannot ask me why I want to put another shrub in that place. He cannot pressure-wash my concrete pieces and clay pots that I have patiently grown green moss on. He must get excited when something blooms and ooh and ahhh. He absolutely cannot prune anything! What do you think? Is he out there?
Picture 264
What's blooming in my garden 018
Big pot is waiting on “yard man” to plant little gem magnolia

Patio and path always a work in progress. What's blooming in my garden 015 
2 more urns “waiting for the yard man.” What's blooming in my garden 021

What's blooming in my garden 012

What's blooming in my garden 020
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