Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Flexible Sigmoidoscopy




I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS! However, because I trust my doctor and he says this is important, I will. My instruction sheet reads, “no sedation required due to examining only the last portion of the colon. The doctor will advance the scope only as the patient tolerates it.” Is this supposed to be comforting? As I read on, THE DAY BEFORE YOUR TEST:Take one bottle of Citrate of Magnesium at 1:00 p.m.
You may take it later but you may be kept awake at night”! FROM WHAT?
First of all, what in the world is Citrate of Magnesium? Soon after I consumed the bottle, it became all too clear what it was and why I should take it at 1:00 p.m.! THE DAY OF YOUR PROCEDURE; “take 2 fleet enemas before leaving for the doctors office. Oh, lord, I don’t like the sound of this! I hated going to the drug store for these items. I didn’t dare go to my regular pharmacy. I went to one of those big chain stores and hoped no one saw me. I had already decided I would explain that I was shopping for my husband, who was much older than me. I also made sure the items had a price on them because I couldn’t bear a “price check” on the PA system. My appointment was for 2:00 p.m. and since I had not eaten since lunch the day before, I thought I would be famished…. but who could think of food! Stress levels were “high”. How do I communicate my"tolerance level”? First, I had to weigh and that is stressful in itself. Why do they need to know how much I weigh? I’m sure there is a good reason. Then the nurse handed me what was much like a very small paper tablecloth and preceded to give me this list of instructions: “If you need to go to the bathroom, do that, then go in here, undress, leave your clothes there, wrap up with the “tablecloth”, lie on the examining table on your left side”. O. K., let’s get this over with.
A very kind and gentle doctor made the actual procedure the easiest part of the “ordeal”. And by the way, I had no problem communicating my “tolerance level”! Like the experience of giving birth, I’m sure I will forget this by the time I need the test again.

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