Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Summertime Visit To My Garden

I had been searching for an old glider for a while.
A friend in Birmingham had this one for sale!
They even delivered it!

These blooms bring me such joy.
Zinnias are like old friends...

I purchased a sad little bougainvillea this spring.  The top was broken out of it.  I had no idea what color it might be.  I asked for a better price and got it for half off!  ($7.00)  Hallelujah!
What a treasure!  Isn't it beautiful?  

Now for some veggies....Stan is in charge here. 

Cucumbers are going crazy!

We have one huge pot of herbs.  Basil is our favorite.

Banana peppers

Tomatoes are doing well.

I love mint but it must be contained!  It will take over.

Just a few glimpses of where we sit and enjoy our garden.

It is such a tiny place to bring so much pleasure.

Thanks for coming by.....